We are a one stop destination of the effective solutions of summer management for various industries. To protect the buildings from the bad effects of heat and water, we offer Reflective Safety Paint. Some of the salient features of our Reflective Safety Paint are listed below :

    • Reduces the heat of the roof from 8º C to 20º C
    • Blocks 85% of ultra violet rays and 90% of solar infrared rays
    • Stops the crack formation and leakage on the RCC roofs

How does it Work?

The tiny ceramic micro spheres in the White Shield Coatings paints, when dried, form a fine layer on the surface to which they are applied. The ceramic beads produce a radiant barrier and reflect the heat back to the atmosphere. The radiant barriers will increase the R value of existing insulation by as much as 50%. Ceramic White Shield Coatings' paint is a strong, tough coating, formulated with hollow-core ceramic micro spheres, strands and irregular particulate in a complex 100% acrylic suspension with superior adhesion and abrasion resistance. Provides significant resistance to cracking, chalking, peeling and weathering. Exhibits exceptional adhesive and thermal properties. Ceramic paint is intended to be a top coat providing an extension to the existing roofing system not a standalone roofing material.

Coolcoat is ready to use paint, when coated on the roofing materials, reflects sunlight to a greater extent and prevents the roofing materials from getting heated up, even in peak summer afternoons. Since it works on the principle of continuous rejection of UV and IR Rays, the roof itself is not getting heated up. So the air below the roof never gets hot, keeping the rooms cool and comfortable. This prevents the buildings for a longer period, extending the life of the buildings. In air-conditioned areas, an attractive power saving of up to 40% can be noted during peak summer.

Life of the coating is 6 to 7 years. 

Your building remains cool even under intense sunlight conditions.
  • Your staffs remain cool and maintain higher level of productivity.
  • Your humidification and air conditioning costs cut drastically up  to 40%.
  • Reduction of roof heat about 8°C to 20°C
  • Complete green solution (no hazardous / toxic substance, Low VOC, Saves energy), helps reducing carbon footprints ---------------------.  
Coolcoat is specially developed for extending the life of new or existing built-up, 
asbestos sheets, galvanized steel, enameled steel, aluminum roofing, cement tiles, clay tiles, RCC roofs, poly carbonate sheets and asphalt shingles, concrete, GI roof, plastic, by providing a white reflective topcoat. The high reflectivity of CoolCoat keeps the roof substrate cool, which not only prolongs its longevity, but saves on energy costs. CoolCoat’s rich consistency uniformly covers the textured profile of various substrates.

Coolcoat is available in white shade only. This is to improve the reflection power and to attain maximum result. Can be tinted to in any light shades.

0.360ml covers 1 sq.m, 1ltr covers 2.78 sq.m , 1ltr covers 30 sq.ft double coat.


  • Ultraviolet Resistant – Continuous rejection of solar heat resulting in drastic reduction of roof heat. Increase in temperature due to heat radiation from the roof is controlled, keeping the coated area comfortable even in peak summer afternoons.
  • Reduced Energy Costs – Remains white to reflect the suns heat, dramatically lowering roof substrate temperature.
  • Approximately 40% of the cost is saved in the area of humidification and air conditioning.
  • Water-Based – Contains no solvents, cleans up with water. No toxic substance included.
  • Low Cost Application & Maintenance - All these advantages at an affordable cost. No recurring maintenance cost. Roof gets cleaned automatically in rain.
  • Color Stable – The acrylic resins crosslink under UV exposure to lock in color and lock out dirt.
  • CoolCoat blocks 90% of solar infrared rays and 85% of ultraviolet rays, keeping your roof cool, even in peak summer. Approximately 40% of the cost is saved in the area of humidification and air conditioning
  • Eliminates the necessity for false ceiling.
  • Drastic reduction of roof heat up to 20º C in peak summer.
  • More the sunlight, more will be the re-radiation.
  • Can be coated on any roofing material and side walls.
  • Prevents Island effect.
  • Reflecting UV and IR rays back to the atmosphere.
  • Helps in reducing green house effect.
  • Resistant to water, fungus and mould.
  • Improves the efficiency of roof ventilators.
  • Reduces global warming.
  • Buildings look brighter and new with all these advantages.

Reduced Energy Cost: Coolcoat topcoat remains white to effectively reflect the sun’s heat, unlike dark-colored roofs that retain heat and are subject to ultraviolet degradation. Roof temperatures can be reduced up to 20° C. Complies with ENERGY STAR® & Cool Roof Rating Council Guidelines. Certified by "Building Energy Performance Laboratory".

Coolcoat is a single component, ready-to-use material available in various customized size packing. It may appear well mixed, but upon standing will settle into a two stage suspension. Thoroughly mix the contents of containers using a power mixer for a minimum of five minutes prior to application. Thinning or reducing the material is recommended as per the surface requirements.
Standard Packing Sizes: 10 lts, 20 lts


Area Of Application:

  • Terrace of Commercial Building
  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Cold storages
  • Green Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Air-Conditioned Building
  • Oil Storage Tanks
  • Outdoor Container cabins/ pre-fabricated offices.
  • Sintex tanks / water tanks and pipe lines
  • Any type of old and new Sheets and RCC roofs.


Comparative thermal performance of CoolCoat on corrugated roofing materials. Temperatures recorded around 2.30 pm.

Thermal Test:

Ambient temperature                                   = 40º C

Unpainted asbestos roofing                         = 56º C

Unpainted GI sheet roofing                          = 59º C

Painted with WHITE SHIELD COATINGS     = 44º C

This result proves the continuous rejection of solar heat, preventing the roof from getting hot.


The temperature indicated above is the exact temperature of asbestos roof sheets recorded with the aid of LASER GUIDED INFRARED NON CONTACT THERMOMETER